What Are Peptides

What Are Peptides?

GHRP6, Hexarelin, CJC-1295, HGH-Frag, Ipamorelin… Growth hormone derivatives are some of the most popular items being consumed today in the anabolic world. Though they come in many different forms, we can place the different peptide variants into either the GHRH category, or the GHRP category.

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The Categories of Peptides

Growth Hormone Peptides

Growth hormone derivatives are some of the most popular items being consumed today in the anabolic world.

Whilst base growth hormone (somatropin) is incredibly useful in its own right; these “offshoots” have been tailored to optimise certain elements of the base gh “structure.”

What we’re left with is the wonderful world of GHRH and GHRP products. GHRH stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones, and GHRP stands for Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides.

These growth hormone “subspecies” can provide a wide variety of benefits ranging from tanning acceleration to advanced recovery and fat burning. Your options are almost limitless, as are the goals you can achieve via their integration into a cycle.

We’ll now discern the properties on offer with these hormone types and how they function within the body.

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH)

These varieties of growth hormone are excellent “long term” growth hormone release agents in that they trigger a slow, sustained growth hormone elevation in the body.

GHRH is naturally released by the brain as a “signalling” agent to tell your body’s somatotrophs (somatropin storage cells) to release somatropin (the body’s “base” growth hormone molecule.)

These varieties of growth hormone are excellent “long term” growth hormone release agents in that they trigger a slow, sustained growth hormone elevation in the body.

GHRH is naturally released by the brain as a “signalling” agent to tell your body’s somatotrophs (somatropin storage cells) to release somatropin (the body’s “base” growth hormone molecule.)

So long as GHRH is present around these cells, GH will be steadily released into the body.

It probably goes without saying that this release cannot take place indefinitely as the body would run out of its growth hormone stores all together.

Once the brain is satisfied that the body has achieved an “optimal” release level; it then sends out a signalling agent known as “somatostatin” to instruct the somatotrophs to cease the release of growth hormone.

You might then consider how an exogenous GHRH supplement could in any way help in terms of optimising this naturally occurring process being that GHRH is present in the body anyway; it’s a fair and rational element to ponder over.

Whilst it won’t necessarily force the body into performing an action that it doesn’t already perform, what it will do is ensure that the naturally occurring release of growth hormone is maximised.

This does pose somewhat of a problem though, in that the body has natural “peaks” and “declines” in its optimum growth hormone release windows.

So, whilst GHRH can work with these windows and ensure that the body is maximising its production of growth hormone during these intervals, what it can’t do is forcibly “make” the body release growth hormone.

This means that you actually need to time your GHRH use with the body’s natural release of the hunger hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin signals the brain to release GHRH, which in turn releases more growth hormone.

The reason why the brain does this is because Ghrelin is what ultimately tells us to eat (or take in nutrients if
we’re looking at it from a purely functional point of view.)

When nutrients are ingested, they must then be utilised via the release of growth hormone, which will then take the “building blocks” provided by our food and put them to use within the body.

In theory then, integrating GHRH is very simple; we just wait for the natural peaks to arise then ingest it in order to guarantee an optimal release of growth hormone.

It’s the practice of this principle that proves to be incredibly difficult – we simply do not know for sure when our individual peaks are going to arise, and that’s going to make using GHRH effectively a tricky task.

We can and have already theorised that levels of ghrelin will be elevated first thing in the morning and in the late afternoon (at the very least) – we can simply choose to implement our GHRH around those principle time windows and hope for the best.

The problem at large is that everybody’s genetics are so vastly different that there’s truly no means of guaranteeing precisely when these spikes will occur. Whilst we know they’re likely to occur within certain time windows, there’s truly no telling at what hour or minute that could be.

As a result, isolated GHRH use can at worst be completely pointless (for instance if you administer GHRH during a “down” period, it isn’t going to be able to coax the somatotroph cells into releasing somatism) and at best potentially effective depending on how closely you time your intake to a natural gh spike.

As such, you’d be in a great deal of trouble if GHRH was the only growth hormone product available on the market – luckily for all of us though, it isn’t.

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP)

The barriers to using GHRH effectively (or perhaps we should say, precisely) are largely overcome by the use of GHRP peptides.

Before we get onto the specifics of GHRP peptides, it’s important that you’re aware of the role of the pituitary gland when it comes to the growth hormone release “loop.”

Ultimately, the pituitary gland serves as the body’s main “switch board” for hormone release.

Before any element of the body is able to release the hormone it is individually responsible for, it must first receive the “go ahead” from the pituitary gland in order to do so.

In the case of GHRP products, they directly manipulate the pituitary gland and “tell” it to release growth hormone. This is completely independent of whether or not the body is currently experiencing a natural “peak” in growth hormone release.

This means that at any time, you can force the body to “pulse” out growth hormone. Further still, GHRP directly impacts the “feedback” loop and inhibits the release of somatostatin, which in turn inhibits growth hormone production being ceased.

What you’re left with then is a large surge in growth hormone that is freely available to use and doesn’t get rapidly recalled back into the somatotroph cells.

Some GHRP variants simultaneously lead to massive spikes in ghrelin in conjunction with the release of growth hormone (making the user tremendously hungry) whereas others simply stimulate the pituitary gland without this side effect occurring (we’ll differentiate between the peptide varieties shortly.)

Either way, they forcibly intervene in the body’s natural processes in a manner that is completely the opposite to the method in which GHRH functions.

This is because the GHRP peptides actually “replace” ghrelin and mimic its effects directly – the brain responds to GHRP as though it was ghrelin itself, thus leading to the GH “production” process instigating.

Whereas GHRH can only really work with something that is already present, GHRP can make that “something” appear in the form of directly forcing the pituitary gland and brain into action.

As such, it probably goes without saying that GHRH and GHRP can be used to great effect in synergy.

GHRP can forcibly release growth hormone, and GHRH can then optimise its sustainment and distribution throughout the body. It’s a winning combination.

Through working together, the two pave the way for the release of the vital IGF-1 hormone.

Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)

IGF-1 plays an enormous part in the synthesis of almost every part of our human structure. In many ways, growth hormone itself isn’t our primary “target” when it comes to developing muscle – it simply serves as a necessary precursor to the release of IGF-1.

By observing this profile, we can see that once IGF-1 is released by the liver, it then proceeds to take positive anabolic action on almost every cell in the body.

This is because almost every cell we have has an IGF-1 receptor attached to it – when this vital hormone is released it binds to these receptors, thus instigating the anabolic process.

Once growth hormone releases into the bloodstream, it then stimulates the liver to release IGF-1. This hormone gets its name because structurally, it is almost identical to insulin. It has actually been shown to bind to insulin receptors, although with less efficiency than insulin itself.

This is ultimately where it gets its name from – it is the primary (first) factor in the growth of human beings and almost identically resembles insulin on a molecular level, hence the name “insulin like growth factor 1.”

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF)

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF for short) is an IGF-1 derivative. Following an intense physical exercise session, we release two MGF derivatives as a means of repairing our muscle cells.

These derivatives are both literally a spliced version of the IGF-1 hormone – once the muscle cells have been damaged, the IGF-1 molecule “knows” to morph itself into these two derivatives in order to kick-start the anabolic regeneration process.

The second derivative (IGF-IEa) isn’t as anabolic as the first (it’s this first one that’s labelled as the MGF hormone, and the hormone we’re currently studying.)

It’s MGF that is ultimately responsible for the repair and “evolution” of damaged tissues cells – it is also capable of recruiting “satellite” muscle cells and evolving their structure.

It does this by activating muscle stem cells and “priming” them for protein uptake / synthesis.

Arguably, this makes MGF more important than even IGF 1 in the overall anabolic processes of the body; at least this is the case for those who perform regular intense exercise.

IGF-1 triggers growth in its own right, but MGF is a muscle evolution “specialist” and only appears when the need for repair and enhanced growth are necessary.

Everything You Need To Know About Growth Hormone Secretagogues

Growth Hormone Secretagogues

Collectively, all GHRH and GHRP products are known as growth hormone secretagogues. The name is simply an elaborate way of saying that they assist in the release of growth hormone.

Should you encounter any product labelled as a gh secretagogue, this means that it could be one of any of the various different forms of growth hormone releasing hormone or growth hormone releasing peptide.

As such it’s vital that you analyse our upcoming section in the different varieties so that you can tell the difference and get the right peptide / hormone for the right job.

Now that you know what the primary variants of secretagogues are, let’s delve a little deeper into the history of these “subspecies” of growth hormone so that you can fully appreciate the artistry that has gone into the creation of these synthetic hormones.


The History Of Peptides

The history of peptides is largely tied in with the history of human growth hormone, being that they are somewhat of a recent advancement in what is a very old field of medicine dating back decades.

Scientists have known about human growth hormone since the 1920’s, but it wasn’t until the post world war one era when a condition known as “human growth hormone deficiency” was first diagnosed to patients.

As soon as this condition was diagnosed, the medical world sought a means of treating it – thus the very first experiments were performed utilising exogenous growth hormone.

Initially, growth hormone was sourced from animal carcasses, though the effectiveness of this procedure was almost non-existent. In the modern day, we know this is because the structure of animal growth hormone is very different to that of humans, but at the time they did not have the means of discerning this.

As such, the initial results dictated that we had to find an effective means of treating patients with a properly “usable” version of growth hormone. This lead to scientists extracting human growth hormone from the pituitary glands of cadavers (dead bodies resigned for medical use / dissection.)

Initial treatment began on children who were “unusually short” due to pituitary disorders / human growth hormone deficiency in 1963, and the results proved to be successful.

Production of exogenous growth hormone continued in this fashion for the next twenty years; it appear that we’d achieved the “perfect” means of integrating it into medical treatment plans, and whilst it didn’t entirely reverse the most adverse of growth hormone deficient conditions – it certainly made an impactful difference.

This harmonious relationship between medical science and cadaver extracted human growth hormone wasn’t to last though – tragically, one batch of the hormone was accidentally extracted from the dead body of a Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease victim.

This irreversible disease attacks the brain tissue and forces it to break down, slowly making the brain it self resemble a “sponge” over time as holes appear in its infrastructure.

What’s worse is that the symptoms of the disease aren’t particularly noticeable initially (in the variant of CJD contracted via “tainted” growth hormone at least) and the victim can carry it with them for up to 10 years without realising. This made detecting it almost impossible at the time.

When the discovery that some of the growth hormone being applied to patients was contaminated, production of it ceased altogether. What followed was a horrific waiting game for all those who had received exogenous gh treatment during this 20 year period.
No one had any means of knowing whether or not they had contracted the disease; as such, they had no choice but to go about their daily lives over the next decade and wait to see whether or not the disease manifested.

A grand total of 26 people died from CJD during this era as a result of ingesting the contaminated hormone.

It probably goes without saying that the FDA were unwilling to allow cadaver growth hormone extraction to continue following this awful turn of events, and it looked as though exogenous growth hormone therapy was gone for good when they ordered all production to be ceased in 1985.

By a sheer stroke of luck, the pharmaceutical companies Genetech and Lilly had actually been working on a non-cadaver means of not only extracting, but actually producing (fully synthesising) human growth hormone.

This method involved introducing growth hormone to a series of self sustaining / replenishing bacteria – the idea was that by introducing it, these bacteria would then incorporate it into their structure and continue to synthesise it on an endless cycle in conjunction with their own cells.

It worked. This is how modern, fully synthesised growth hormone came to fruition – ever since, the medical field has benefitted from being able to apply it to an endless stream of patients to assist with all manner of degenerative issues.

It was only 6 months after the growth hormone “ban” in 1985 that this fully automated means of growth hormone production was condoned for testing. In 1991, it finally saw widespread distribution amongst the prescription / medical pharmaceutical communities.

By widespread, we really do mean widespread too – because the new method of synthesization was essentially limitless, this meant that the world now had access to an “infinite” supply.

As a result, experimentation within the athletic and aesthetic communities soon ensued. An interesting point to consider is that, back then, and still to this day; growth hormone is one of the hardest substances to detect in the body.

Only a small handful of athletes have been caught using it in recent years (between 1991 – 2011 no athletes belonging to any sport tested positive for using it – this really allows the imagination to run rampant in regards to who must have been taking it in professional sports over that 20 year period) – though it is much easier to detect now than it ever has been, if you’re not taking part in a high level professionally run sport then integrating it is going to be relatively easy when compared to other products.

Even if you do take part in a professionally run sport – test manipulation for growth hormone is relatively easy.

Back onto the subject of peptides though; whilst we do not know precisely when they came to fruition, it’s only logical to state that the growth hormone “boom” and its widespread application across a plethora of different avenues lead to their creation.

They are a very recent development as far as anabolic compounds go, with their first integration being roughly around the mid to late 90’s. In order to understand the rationale behind their inception, we only need to look at the specific properties on offer by both GHRH and GHRP.

GHRP in particular will have been necessary to “force” growth hormone release in patients who suffered from a diminished capacity to release ghrelin / regulate their hormones effectively, and GHRH products will have been produced to ensure that release and utilisation of this vital hormone was optimised in those who struggled with hormonal balance and sustenance.

What’s less clear is the origin of some of the peptide and GHRH derivatives that frankly display rather “off-the-wall” characteristics when compared to their parent hormone groups.

It’s fair to say that understanding WHY they were created isn’t particularly difficult being that they do everything from:

  • Improving fat burning (specifically in the case of frag 176 – 191)
  • Specifically allowing an individual to improve their tan through advanced melanin production (melanotan)
  • Specifically capitalising on the “surge” effect of growth hormone and creating a massive gh pulse release (hexarelin)
  • Specifically capitalising on the protein synthesis aspect of human growth hormone (MGF – though this one is technically an IGF 1 derivative and not a growth hormone derivative)

In short; many of these derivatives were probably not designed with medical application in mind whatsoever.

Some of them were perhaps created for this purpose, but in the case of products like frag 176 – 191 and melanotan it’s very difficult to understand how or why a medical researcher would deem them to be useful within a medical capacity at all.

Regardless of how they came to fruition though, what’s not in question at all is their effectiveness when used as part of everything from a bodybuilding to athletic cycle.

Medical Use of Peptides

Diseases and Conditions That Are Treated With Peptides

Realistically, the peptide and GHRH products we have access to actually give us a wider scope for treating certain ailments / conditions more effectively than basic human growth hormone which is used for the treatment of:

  • Turners disease
  • Children born with growth deficiencies
  • Kidney disease
  • Prader-willi syndrome
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Muscle wasting diseases
  • HGH deficiency

These are just a few of the conditions that can be positively affected by hgh use. It’s worth noting that these conditions represent what medical professionals deem to be “worthy” applications for growth hormone.

What we need to consider then is how this base series of conditions can actually expand with the introduction of peptides (and even basic growth hormone in general.)

Considering the plethora of benefits on offer with peptide and GHRH variants, they could theoretically be used to:

  • Combat obesity
  • Reduce visceral fat, thus reducing blood pressure and the risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes
  • Combat adverse skin conditions (growth hormone is a notoriously powerful skin healing agent)
  • Combat joint based conditions ranging from tendonitis to arthritis
  • Provide a deeper, smoother complexion in those who suffer from skin pigmentation issues
  • Assist with the aging process by providing countermeasures against all aspects of aging
  • Promote optimum heart vitality (growth hormone in general and certain derivatives specifically have been shown to positively affect the health of the left heart ventricle)
  • Promote a healthier metabolism

As such, it’s fair to say that growth hormone secretagogues probably aren’t being used to their maximum extent, much in the same way, as growth hormone itself isn’t.

Hopefully we will see more research performed in regards to treating the above conditions in conjunction with the “base” conditions that human growth hormone is already condoned for in relation to all varieties of growth hormone.

The results could prove to be overwhelmingly positive. Owing to the “infinite” supply of gh we now have available, treatment for all of these conditions would be feasible.

Peptides and Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids and growth hormone secretagogues have a fairly short but harmonious relationship with one another; they are often both used in synergy to achieve aesthetic goals.

Equally, some people choose to use one or the other; realistically this is absolutely fine.

You can roundabout achieve a similar series of goals when using either anabolic steroids or growth hormone varieties provided your training and nutritional habits are in good standing.

Over the course of this section we’ll consider how the two product types differ from one another and explain how you might combine them, or use growth hormone in isolation to pursue steroid like results.


Are Peptides Safer Than Anabolic Steroids?

This is a fairly short and simple question to ask, but it warrants a fairly lengthy response owing to the very diverse nature of steroids and growth hormones.

For instance, the most powerful variants of growth hormone (hexarelin for example) might be a higher risk compound to utilise than some of the milder steroid hormones (anavar for instance.)

Equally, the most potent anabolic steroids (anadrol for instance) would without doubt present a much, much higher safety risk to the user than the mildest of growth hormone varieties (GHRP 2 for example.)

Taking any form of exogenous hormone is a game of well-balanced calculations and considered risks. The truth is, either hormone type could be “unsafe” if taken inappropriately.

If taken appropriately however, even the most potent of either hormone type can be reasonably controlled and side effects avoided in the process.

What you’ll find is that growth hormones often display a rather “exclusive” list of side effects, as do anabolic steroids. The growth hormone related side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Increased insulin resistance
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Edema
  • May contribute to type II diabetes
  • May lead to the development of gynecomastia (this is a side effect shared with many anabolic steroids)

On balance, common anabolic steroid side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Liver hepatotoxicity (oral steroids)
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia
  • Excess facial or body hair
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Infertility
  • Elevated cholesterol

What we can observe is that the anabolic steroid related issues would appear on the whole to be more severe than those related to growth hormone utilisation.

It would be unfair however to say that one is definitely “safer” than the other, because safety is reliant on so many variables that it’s almost impossible to quantify accurately.

An individual’s base genetics will often determine how susceptible they are to the manifestation of side effects on the whole, as will the strength of the product they are utilising and how safely they administer it.

Instead, treat both product types individually and consider their unique series of side effects and how to manage them rather than trying to look for the “safest” option. You could well find that you make a choice based on perceived safety and that compound (for whatever reason) didn’t work with your genetics.

Nothing is certain; all that is certain is that damage limitation will always be the key to success, as will responsible administration and awareness.


Will peptides interact with other medications?

Growth hormone may interact with other medications – mostly in a moderate fashion as opposed to severe.

You should not proceed to use any pharmaceutical grade compound without first checking its compatibility with existing medication by first consulting with your physician prior to use.

Some of the biggest contraindicated medications whilst on growth hormone of any kind are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Insulin or oral diabetes medicine
  • Steroid medicine

Further to this, there is a fully comprehensive list of interactions ranging from mild to severe here. You should look through this list and discuss interactions with your GP regardless of any self-research you perform.


The Synergy Between Peptides and AAS

Despite both product types being able to independently lead to advanced muscle gain and weight loss, peptides can also be used to great effect in conjunction with anabolic steroids.

For many years now, bodybuilders have combined the two as a means of accelerating their goal attainment beyond normal means, and the results are often nothing short of spectacular.

The advantages of stacking peptides with anabolic steroids

Stacking peptides with Deca to promote healing

One unique combination is that of the deca steroid in conjunction with one of several growth hormone varieties – though all of the peptide variants will ultimately lead to advanced tissue recovery, GHRP 6 or Hexarelin may be put to best use in this combination as they are arguably the most potent in terms of triggering an anabolic / regenerative response.

Equally, you could simply choose to use somatropin itself (the base growth hormone blueprint.)

Regardless of which variety you choose to use, this combination will maximise your ability to recover in between intense physical training sessions.

Growth hormone in its own right is one of the most powerful agents available in terms of accelerating joint and tissue recovery, but deca is uniquely (amongst the steroid world) beneficial for joint recovery in its own right.

When combined, the two compounds serve to protect the individual from the wear and tear of physical exertion in a fashion that is almost unparalleled with any other steroid / growth hormone combination.

This combination could prove useful for bodybuilders in an offseason, but where it would really come into its own is when placed into the regimen of an athlete.

This combination would give the user an unbeatable recovery rate and allow them to perform high intensity physical exercise on a regular basis whilst entering each stage of their competitive season in a fairly fresh state.

Basic considerations when planning peptide stacks

When it comes to combining the two hormone types together, you need to consider what “character” traits your chosen steroid or steroid combination possesses in conjunction with the traits on offer with your chosen growth hormone variety.

Not only that, but you must also consider the side effect potential of the stack as a whole and ensure that you have regular check ups with your GP over the course of your cycle, in conjunction with a check up prior to running it.

We can break down the main points of consideration into three overriding goal categories, which are:

  • Stacking for athletic purposes
  • Stacking for cutting purposes (bodybuilding)
  • Stacking for bulking purposes (bodybuilding)

Within each of these goal types lie a unique array of steroids and growth hormone secretagogues purposefully adapted (or coincidentally adapted) for the attainment of these goals.

Those who wish to perform a bodybuilding-bulking phase will need to make sure that:

  • They are able to accelerate their lean mass development potential
  • They are able to accelerate their strength output
  • They are able to recover effectively in between sessions
  • They are able to keep excess fat and ideally water storage to a minimum

Whereas those who wish to perform a bodybuilding-cutting phase will need to make sure that:

  • They are able to accelerate their fat burning capabilities
  • They are able to accelerate their nitrogen retention, thus safeguarding their levels of lean mass
  • They are able to sustain their strength output
  • They are able to improve their vascularity and dryness

And finally those who need to improve their athletic performance will need to:

  • Ensure that they’re able to recover effectively and rapidly in between performances / training sessions
  • Ensure that they can maintain their lean tissue
  • Ensure that their oxygen utilisation and red blood cell count is improved
  • Ideally improve their strength output whilst keeping excess body fat at bay

As such, it’s important that you analyse the properties of each steroid and growth hormone peptide / variant to ensure that they match the basic needs of your chosen goal.

This will help you to piece together the most effective stack possible.

When You Shouldn’t Mix Steroids And Growth Hormone Together At All

First and foremost, you need to check through the list of adverse issues that can arise when using either compound to ensure that none of them are likely to manifest during your cycle due to your medical history.

You might for instance find that growth hormone is completely compatible with you owing to its arguably less severe side effects, but on balance the effects of anabolic steroids might resonate with either an existing medical condition you have or medication you’re taking.

This is why health checks and consultations are necessary prior to the use of either substance – you really need to know based on your individual genetics whether or not either of these hormones are likely to “turn” on you.

Arguably, other contraindications would include not actually needing to use both together to achieve your goal. For instance, if you wanted to lose a little body fat whilst simultaneously cementing your lean tissue in place, you could arguably do this by using one isolated variant of either product type.

Large stacks of any nature should A only be used by those with plenty of experience using both growth hormone and steroids independently, and B be warranted due to the complexity of the goal in relation to the “training age” of the user.

On the whole though, it’s your medical / drug history and present circumstances that are going to dictate whether or not following a stack is wise. Please do not proceed to use any peptides or GHRH until you have ascertained their compatibility with your present situation.

Building Mass with Peptides

Building mass with peptides is absolutely possible, but you’re going to have to have excellent training and nutritional practices in order to bring this goal to fruition.

In this section we’ll provide you with some useful growth hormone bulking cycles and stacks to take advantage of in order to develop surplus lean muscle tissue.

An Isolated Peptide Bulking Cycle

If you’re a beginner to peptides in general and you’d like to go down the route of taking one variant, then that’s absolutely possible.

This will simply involve administering Ipamorelin over a 12-week period as follows:

Week Ipamorelin Letrozole
1 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
2 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
3 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
4 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
5 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
6 200 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
7 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
8 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
9 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
10 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
11 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed
12 300 mcg 3 x per day Use only if needed

Letrozole is a standby agent in case gynecomastia arises and should only be used under those specific circumstances.

A Peptide Bulking Stack

This stack is designed for bulking purposes and will yield respectable results provided your nutrition and training practices are in good standing.

You’ll be using Hexarelin as a powerful means of triggering a “pulse” growth hormone release in conjunction with Ipamorelin as a means of regulating your available growth hormone levels.

Follistatin 344 is present as a means of blocking myostatin from “re uptaking” growth hormone and breaking the release cycle.

Week Ipamorelin Hexarelin Follistatin 344 Letrozole
1 300 mcg (split into a 3 x per day dose) 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
2 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
3 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
4 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
5 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
6 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
7 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
8 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
9 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
10 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
11 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
12 300 mcg per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed

Please note that either of these bulking options would only realistically work if they were combined with a surplus calorie intake of between 250 – 500 calories (potentially even more in the case of a classic ectomorph.)

You would have to first gauge your daily calorie intake at freedieting.com by using the daily calorie total calculator, before entering that total into the nutrient ratio calculator and choosing your meal split.

Weekly measurements would be needed in regards to body fat percentage and lean muscle mass weight in order to determine whether or not your current intake was yielding the results you were looking for.

Should progress stagnate, a calorie increase would again be needed. You’d need to progressively “evolve” like this over the course of your cycle.

Using Peptides To Improve Appetite

An interesting aspect of some peptide and growth hormone varieties is that they can simultaneously lead to a spike in ghrelin release in conjunction with their base growth hormone release properties.

GHRP 6 in particular is noted for being able to elevate ghrelin levels roughly an hour after it has been ingested; should you be performing a cutting phase at present then this could easily be your worst nightmare as it would lead to constant and almost insatiable hunger whilst you were operating on a stringent calorie deficit.

On balance though, this aspect could be immensely useful for an ectomorph who struggled to ingest the relevant number of calories needed for growth in the middle of a bulking phase.

For those who need to consume thousands of calories per day, GHRP 6 or any other growth hormone variety that leads to ghrelin release may just be the perfect addition to their cycle in order to guarantee the results they’re looking for.


Cutting With Peptides

Similarly to bulking with peptides, cutting with peptides is again going to rely almost entirely on your ability to master your training and nutrition habits.

You’re going to need to operate around roughly a 250 – 500 calorie deficit whilst ensuring that you’re taking in between 0.8 – 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight on a daily basis in order to both protect your existing lean tissue and ensure that body fat reduces.

If you don’t adhere to these guidelines, no amount of growth hormone integration is going to make a difference for you.

Assuming these elements are in place, we’ll first observe an isolated peptide cycle for a first time user before providing information on how to structure a cutting stack using growth hormone / secretagogues.

The Best Peptides For Cutting

There are several options at your disposal for cutting with – it’s worth noting however that the base growth hormone blueprint itself is effective for fat loss.

What you’ll find is that certain peptide variants are simply conducive to fat loss in an accelerated fashion when compared to normal growth hormone because they have either isolated the fat burning aspect of the base molecule and “refined” it, or they feature unique traits that make them a favourable option when fat burning is the primary goal.

Some of the best options for achieving fat burning include ipamorelin, GHRP 2, Fragment 176 – 191 and CJC 1295.

An Isolated Peptide Cutting Cycle

This cycle simply involves integrating Frag 176-191 over a 12-week period to ensure that fat burning is optimised.

This variant of growth hormone actually isolates and optimises the fat burning potential of the base growth hormone molecule, some studies indicate by up to 12 times the potency.

Please note that you must administer Frag 176-191 before exercise when injecting once per day. When injecting twice per day it needs to be administered just before sleeping (the second injection) and at least a couple of hours out from your last meal.

Try to ensure that the meals preceding or following your injections are high in protein and low in carbs and fat.

You should administer Frag 176-191 over the course of an isolated cycle as follows:

Week Frag 176-191
1 250 mcg per day (to be injected before performing cardio)
2 250 mcg per day
3 250 mcg per day
4 250 mcg per day
5 250 mcg per day
6 250 mcg per day
7 250 mcg per day
8 250 mcg per day
9 250 mcg per day
10 250 mcg per day
11 250 mcg per day
12 250 mcg per day

A Peptide Cutting Stack

This cycle will effectively yield favourable fat burning results provided you adhere to sensible nutritional and training practices throughout the course of your cycle.

GHRP 2 is present as a means of triggering powerful surges in growth hormone release whilst Frag 176-191 is included purely as a means of accelerating fat burning.

In conjunction with this, follistatin 344 is once again present to ensure that growth hormone remains “present” in the system for as long as possible before being reintroduced into the body’s storage cells.

Letrozole is once again present in case gynecomastia arises throughout the cycle phase.

Week Frag 176 191 GHRP 2 Follistatin 344 Letrozole
1 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 200 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
2 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
3 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
4 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
5 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
6 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
7 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
8 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
9 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
10 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
11 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed
12 250 mcg  mcg 2 x per day 100 mcg 3 x per day 100 mcg per day Use only if needed

Please note that those who have prior experience using growth hormone products without facing adverse issues only should follow this cycle.


Peptides During Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy is necessary to restore natural testosterone levels following an anabolic steroid cycle.

This is because the body comes to rely on an exogenous source of testosterone (anabolic steroids) over the course of a cycle, as such, it “shuts down” its own production, deeming it an unnecessary energy expenditure.

As such, it’s crucial that you take supplementation to elevate these levels in the form of products like Nolvadex, Arimidex and Cytomel to name but a few of the options available to you.

What many overlook during this crucial stage are the ingredients necessary to safeguard muscle gains earned over the course of an off-season cycle…as such, many lose their hard earned lean muscle tissue once steroid use ceases.

Growth hormone and growth hormone secretagogues can be incredibly useful for retaining nitrogen levels (skeletal muscle consists of roughly 16% nitrogen making its retention absolutely vital) during the PCT phase.

Arguably, any variety can be used save for the more “specialist” types like Frag 176-191 and melanotan (they would provide little anabolic benefit) to achieve this end result. Hexarelin, GHRP 6, Ipamorelin and MGF are a few of the most viable options for safeguarding muscle tissue during this crucial phase.


The Different Peptide Varieties

Over the course of this section we’re going to provide you with an overview and analysis of the different growth hormone secretagogues available to you.

Whilst we will not go too in depth on the individual properties and structure of each peptide here (we will detail them all extensively in their individual profiles) we will explain what each one is for so that you can compile a “shortlist” of effective products to suit your current or future goals.

Anti-Aging Peptides

Known as “pentapeptides”, these varieties are often included in skincare products to help promote anti aging effects in individuals who wish to combat the aging process.

These peptides actually help to form collagen – as such, they may display powerful regenerative properties.

Collagen is a form of protein and is the building block necessary to develop almost every “tissue” based component of our body from our skin to our vital organs, and many other elements in between.

You can source individual pentapeptides to achieve a variety of anti aging benefits. These peptide types are as follows:

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

Marketed under the name “Argirelene”, this growth hormone derivative is considered by many to be a viable botox alternative as it may be capable of counteracting the onset of expression wrinkles.

It does this by limiting the muscle movement necessary to create said lines rather than directly impacting the regeneration of tissue. This makes it a “passive” form of anti aging therapy.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

The functions of this particular peptide are very simple; it has shown promise in optimising collagen production, thus leading to the advanced regeneration of skin cells.

As such, it may be useful for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

This peptide type is designed to help reduce skin inflammation by increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which can attract moisture into the epidermis.

Ordinarily, skin inflammation can lead to dried out, cracked and ultimately damaged skin that produces an aged and withered appearance.

Copper Peptides

Copper is a naturally occurring substance within the human body (and nature) – copper peptides have been shown to do everything from promoting collagen synthesis (growth) to accelerating hair growth and reducing inflammation.

They have actually been used in skincare products for over 20 years now, and as medical science advances we are actually optimising our integration / understanding of copper peptides more and more as the years go on.

All of the above peptide types may prove to be useful implementations if you’re trying to improve your complexion / maintain a young and vibrant appearance.

Bronzer With Peptides

Several bronzing products exist containing peptides as a means of evening out the complexion and providing a smooth, flawless skin tone.

This item is an extension on anti aging / beauty products that ultimately showcases the dexterity of these growth hormone variants and their usefulness as part of a plethora of skincare products.

Bronzers will darken the skin tone and allow the user to display a “tanned” appearance – the addition of peptides will ensure that their skin tone appears as perfect as possible even under direct light.

Sports / Bodybuilding / Physical Goal Related Peptides

This list of peptides showcases all of the variants available for use within sports, bodybuilding and as part of any other regimen engineered towards the attainment of a physical goal.

Again, we will provide comprehensive information on each peptide type in their separate profiles; this section merely serves as a brief overview.


GHRP 6ghrp6-mactropin.png

The powerful GHRP 6 simultaneously causes the pituitary gland to “pulse” and release growth hormone whilst reducing levels of somatostatin – this ensures that the growth hormone “reuptake” process cannot occur at its normal rate, thus sustaining the body’s access to growth hormone.

It’s worth noting that this variant also leads to the release of ghrelin; this may be an unwanted side effect.


GHRP 2ghrp2-mactropin.png

GHRP 2 is very similar to GHRP 6 – although it creates a far less dramatic spike in hunger levels owing to a minimal release of ghrelin in comparison.

GHRP 2 is noted by some as having a slightly more beneficial fat burning effect; Some also feel that its overall GH “pulse” is stronger than that of GHRP 6.

It is a highly accessible peptide and is often a go-to option for either cutting or bulking cycles owing to its “tamer” nature than some of the other peptide variants.


CJC 1295 is a sustained release GHRH product that will yield a spike in growth hormone levels over an elongated period of time and perfectly suits the needs of those who wish to optimize GH production/utilisation with a minimal injection frequency.

CJC 1295 With DACAfficher l’image source

The product “CJC 1295” name is incredibly misleading; the inclusion of DAC (Drug Affinity Complex) is actually what makes CJC-1295 its namesake – not including this complex means that the product you have in hand is not CJC-1295 at all, but a totally different product named “MOD GRF”.

If you buy CJC-1295 with DAC – you have simply purchased CJC-1295.

Mod GRF 1-29 (Sermorelin)Afficher l’image source

Mod GRF 1-29/ Sermorelin is simply CJC-1295 without the DAC added; this means that its release window within the body is shorter, making it more accessible for some users in terms of optimizing growth hormone utilization in conjunction with other short release products.

Some feel that the shorter and “sharper” pulses it creates lead to stronger surges in growth hormone release.

This product has been around since the 1970’s (meaning it was a precursor to many of the modern GH secretagogues) where it was initially developed for testing purposes making it one of the oldest and most reliable secretagogues on the market with an excellent track record.

IpamorelinAfficher l’image source

Ipamorelin is an excellent pituitary “exciter” that serves to spike growth hormone production albeit in a “slow-release” fashion when compared to the likes of GHRP 6 and GHRP 2 which have been shown to increase prolactin levels owing to their rapid release mechanism.

Similarly to these varieties, it also inhibits somatostatin production meaning that the body is able to access and utilize growth hormone for longer.

HexarelinAfficher l’image source

Of all the secretagogues available, hexarelin is regarded as being the strongest in terms of delivering the most powerful spike in growth hormone levels possible.

This does, of course, come with a risk of adverse issues arising in relation to prolactin and the previously mentioned growth hormone related risks, but in theory the benefits one can reap from its utilization stand to be more potent from an anabolic perspective.

No one is entirely sure why it delivers a superior spike in levels when compared to GHRP 6 for instance, which in itself is regarded as being respectably powerful.

You could compare this version of growth hormone to the anabolic steroid world’s “Anadrol” on a strength level relating to this specific niche only – you’ll notice similar patterns amongst all of these peptides that mirror the varying strengths / functions of anabolic steroids.

The world of growth hormones runs somewhat parallel to the world of AAS products in this fashion and this variant of growth hormone is a prime example of that.


The IGF1-LR3 is technically not a growth hormone secretagogue, this altered form of IGF-1 is considered by some to be superior to the base hormone it is sourced from on almost every level – it features the ability to recruit satellite muscle cells and instigate a state of optimized anabolism within the body.

Further to this, it sustains this release for up to 20 hours within the body as opposed to providing a short spike in anabolic activity as per normal IGF-1.

This product is useful as part of any phase, including PCT.

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF / IGF-1ec)

This IGF-1 derivate triggers satellite muscle cells into action and helps to establish a strong anabolic foundation within the system.

The release window of this version of MGF is shorter when compared to the “PEG” variant. This makes it more manageable for some when following a short release product cycle regimen.

PEG-MGFAfficher l’image source

PEG-MGF (PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor) features a Polyethylene glycol as part of its base structure, meaning that it is broken down within the body at a much slower rate when compared to standard MGF.

This product will suit those who are performing a long release product cycle regimen.

Fragment 176 191Afficher l’image source

Fragment 176 191 takes the base growth hormone structure and isolates the element that is responsible for fat burning (lipolysis.)

It hones and refines this element to the extent that this secretagogue can burn fat up to 12 times more effectively than base growth hormone alone.

It probably goes without saying that Frag 176 is best used as part of a bodybuilding cutting cycle.


Note: aLcar is different from aicar peptide (please see below)

Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) may prove to be beneficial for those who wish to enhance their fat burning capacity.

It has been shown to have a positive effect on the promotion of carbohydrates as an energy source amongst a potential effect on lipolysis when used as part of a well structured eating and training regime.


Aicar triggers AMP activated protein kinase which subsequently leads to enhanced glucose uptake by skeletal muscle cells – this can lead to vastly improved muscular endurance and could also help to regulate body fat levels effectively.

Tests on mice showed an enhanced running capacity in terms of distance by 44%, thus solidifying its status as a potent endurance agent. It’s worth noting that the expense of this product (up to $300 per day) is primarily why it hasn’t seen widespread circulation thus far.


Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate (ITPP) has been shown to increase the capacity of red blood cells to release oxygen into the blood, thus improving oxygen capacity and even nutrient uptake.

Whilst it is still in early trial phases, should this product deliver on every aspect of its theorized benefits then it would be a devastatingly powerful assistive aid for athletes.

It has also been shown to have favourable benefits as an anticancer compound.

TB500Afficher l’image source

TB-500(Thymosin Beta 4) has been shown to have immensely powerful healing properties and similarly to the manner in which frag 176 191 isolates and optimises the fat burning aspect of growth hormone, TB isolates and refines the healing properties it has to offer.

It is useful for anyone who performs regular and intense physical exercise or is currently trying to rehabilitate an injury.

Melanotan IImelanotanmac.png

Melanotan II increases the user’s melanin production and helps to develop a deep and effective tan from “within” using the body’s natural resources rather than relying on exogenous ultraviolet rays.

Some have also reported that it is useful for fat loss, appetite suppression and commonly an increase in libido. This means that it may be useful for some in more than just a tanning capacity – it could be an effective cutting agent, especially when used with other products.

ACE 031

One of a handful of tremendously popular myostatin blocking compounds, ACE 031 testing on humans has currently ceased owing to the manifestation of adverse side effects (bleeding from the gums and nose / headaches.)

Myostatin is naturally released by the human body as a means of limiting how much lean tissue the body can develop; in theory, if its presence within the body is diminished, this should lead to the continuous “unregulated” growth of lean muscle tissue.

Owing to the expense and highly complex nature involved in acquiring and safely integrating products of this nature; there is scarce legitimate information available in regards to its effects other than the fact that slow lean tissue development seems to be possible.


Adipotide has shown promise in regards to burning fat by directly blocking certain receptors responsible for metabolising white adipose tissue – this could make it an invaluable addition to almost any cycle being that it theoretically does so without draining caloric resources from the body.

It should be noted that the only official evidence we have collected so far comes from monkey and mice integration – further human research is necessary to ascertain its effects on human hosts.

BPC 157

BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound” – this substance contains a unique 15 amino acid sequence that serves as a potent repair agent for almost every element of the human body.

Research has been ongoing since 1991, and thus far; side effect risk seems to be minimal whilst the healing properties on offer are nothing short of substantial.


This peptide variety allegedly has powerful anti aging properties owing to the fact that it can produce a large amount of telomerase; in turn, telomerase produces telomeres, which are vital for the protection of our DNA.

This in turn can lead to the reproduction of DNA cell strands and a prolonged lifespan – early studies are fairly promising to date.


Follistatin is similar to ACE 031 in that it inhibits the release of myostatin, thus potentially leading to increases in lean muscle tissue. Overall, we know far more about follistatin than we do ACE 031 being that human testing is still ongoing.

Elizabeth Parrish was the first human host for this substance (within a scientifically controlled capacity) – it is also being widely used by the anabolic community in a bid to improve their aesthetic development, though all may not be as it seems (please review the separate follistatin profile to find out more.)


Gonadorelin is a powerful “trigger” for the release of follicle stimulating hormone – this hormone is vital for healthy sexual function and androgenic optimisation.

Whilst we produce this hormone naturally, some may benefit from an enhancement in its release due to having an underactive pituitary gland or a diminished capacity to produce this hormone. It my also be a useful means of controlling hormonal output in the midst of a steroid cycle.


Oxytocin has been dubbed as the “love” hormone – we naturally release this hormone when we love or kiss a loved one. It can increase levels of empathy, generosity and our ability to achieve a powerful orgasm.

It is also released during childbirth to help enhance vaginal dilation – it may play a prominent role in the “bonding” process between mother and child too.

Ongoing research has shown that this hormone plays a more vital role in our social behaviour that we thought possible – it has shown properties in regards to making the user “favour” certain societal niches that they resonate with whilst “casting out” others.

We must perform more research in order to fully understand the far reaching benefits of this compound.


Triptorelin is used to interfere with the release of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland. This is an important aspect of prostate cancer treatment.

It can also be useful for hormone restoration in bodybuilders following strong anabolic cycles.

Stacking Peptides Together

It probably goes without saying that you can effectively combine GHRP and GHRH products together to achieve optimum growth hormone utilisation.

We mentioned earlier that one product can “pulse” growth hormone release, and the other can effectively sustain its presence within the body and maximise “access” to it.

We’ll now outline some common GHRH / GHRP stacks and cycles for you to consider.

GHRH And GHRP Stacks

Common combined secretagogue stacks include but are not limited to:

  • MOD GRF and GHRP 6
  • MOD GRF and GHRP 2
  • MOD GRF and Ipamorelin
  • MOD GRF and Hexarelin
  • CJC 1295 and GHRP 6
  • CJC 1295 and GHRP 2
  • CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin
  • CJC 1295 and Hexarelin

You can integrate MGF or IGF1-LR3 into any of the above stacks too for enhanced anabolism.

Examples Of GHRH And GHRP Cycles

We’ll first outline a combined secretagogue bulking cycle example before moving onto a combined cutting cycle.

A Combined Bulking Cycle

Week MOD GRF Hexarelin IGF1-LR3
1 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
2 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
3 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
4 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
5 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
6 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
7 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
8 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day N/A
9 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day 100 mcg per day
10 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day 100 mcg per day
11 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day 100 mcg per day
12 100 mcg per day 200 mcg per day 100 mcg per day

A Combined Cutting Cycle

Week CJC 1295 GHRP 2 Frag 176 191
1 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
2 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
3 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
4 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
5 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
6 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
7 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
8 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
9 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
10 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
11 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day
12 1000 mcg 2 x per week 200 mcg 3 x per day 250 mcg 2 x per day

Either of these cycle examples would be suitable for their stated goals.


Comparing HGH To Peptides / Secretagogues

In this section we’re going to explain the difference between human growth hormone and the human growth hormone secretagogues we have mentioned over the course of this profile to ensure that you can differentiate the two.

We’ll do this over the course of a simple comparison of characteristics so that you can easily discern them from one another.

Peptides Vs HGH

Here are the primary differences between peptides and HGH.

Chemical Structure

The basic human growth hormone chemical structure looks like this. This structure should be viewed as the “benchmark” by which we measure the secretagogues.

All of the secretagogues will feature a slightly different structure depending on their nature, but when observing the likes of GHRP-6 and Sermorelin for instance – we can clearly see an enormous structural difference between these secretagogue types and human growth hormone itself.

Without going too in depth on the technicalities that serve to divide the different peptide types from their “parent” hormone – the primary difference lies in the number of amino acids each peptide type contains.

Human growth hormone itself features 191 amino acids, whereas sermorelin features 29, and GHRP-6 features 28. This displays an enormous difference in not only structure but functionality too.

Differences In Activation And Delivery

Human Growth Hormone is activated by ghrelin (the hunger hormone) which gets released in order to trigger a nutrient intake. When this nutrient intake is ingested, human growth hormone is subsequently released to capitalise on it and “evolve” the body.

“Base” exogenous human growth hormone will only be effective if it is timed with the release of ghrelin when used in isolation (as previously mentioned.)

On balance, secretagogues mimic ghrelin and stimulate the release of growth hormone without ghrelin being necessary. Though some secretagogues do simultaneously release ghrelin, its presence is not necessary for these product types to fulfil their duty.


The base benefits of human growth hormone include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced lipolysis (fat burning)
  • Enhanced joint / muscular recovery
  • Enhanced anabolism
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Enhanced skin cell repair
  • Enhanced metabolic functionality

The benefits of peptides include this array of positive elements to varying degrees of strength in conjunction with the specific benefits on offer by the different peptide types and their various “character” traits.

Side Effects

On balance, all of the side effects previously mentioned in regards to HGH integration are as likely to occur with standard human growth hormone utilisation as they are with a secretagogue.

Please note that side effects are more likely to occur with higher strength variants such as Hexarelin and GHRP-6 than they are with milder variants.


On average, somatropin (base human growth hormone) will cost $8.5 – $11.5 per mg.

Peptide prices vary dramatically from product to product – they can cost $10 – $20 per 5mg.


It’s impossible to ascertain whether or not human growth hormone is more efficient than secretagogue variants or vice versa being that their “usefulness” will depend entirely depending on the user’s goal.

When used within an appropriate framework and administered appropriately, either hormone variety will yield effective results.

Slow Release Vs Blast

In regards to whether or not a slow and sustained release of growth hormone is better than creating a powerful “pulse” in release – this again depends on your goals and the other products you are using.

You’ll no doubt find that slow release growth hormone may work better with long estered anabolic steroids, whereas the pulse variety may work better with short estered steroids.

When it comes to isolated use, this is more down to specific needs again and preference. There is no “better or worse” form of growth hormone delivery.

Combining slow release growth hormone varieties with “blast” types is often the best way to yield optimum results when using HGH.


Provided you attend a consultation with your GP to check on genetic compatibility with your chosen product prior to use and administer it according to safe and effective guidelines; both growth hormone types are likely to be safe for you to use.

Please note that side effect likelihood and severity is going to increase in conjunction with the strength of the products you choose to use – the higher the strength, the higher the risk.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Peptides / Points Of Interest

In this section, we’re going to show you how to get the most out of your peptides by providing you with useful information on how to do everything from storing them safely to measuring your dose properly and administering them.

How To Calculate The Best Dose For Your Goals

In order to calculate your relevant peptide dosage, you simply need to ensure that you take in no more than one mcg per kg of bodyweight in one sitting.

Taking in less may not yield powerful enough benefits (though in the case of stronger peptide / hormone variants scaling it back may be precisely what you’d like to do if you’re finding them to be a little too powerful) but taking in more has not been scientifically linked with having any surplus benefit whatsoever.

The Saturation Dose

The saturation dose for peptides / growth hormone is the maximum amount (in mcg) per kg of bodyweight that one can ingest. Should you surpass this limit, this would mean that you had exceeded the saturation dose.

Pulse Timing / Targeting

The two most effective time windows to create a “pulse” with GH and secretagogues are:

  • Half an hour before bedtime
  • During the post workout window

This is because the body is primed for recovery during these period and will utilise exogenous growth hormone more effectively.

Preparing An Administration Of Peptides

Peptides will arrive in powdered form – you must reconstitute them with bacteriostatic water in order to administer them safely into the body.

You should work with a ratio of 0.5ml of water to 1 mg of peptide powder. A 5mg vial of powder for instance would require 2.5ml of water, whereas a 2mg vial would require 1 ml of water.

In order to safely mix the powder without destroying its molecular structure you should gently squirt the water onto the inside wall of the vial and allow it to run down the side, thus “melting” the powder.

You should never forcefully squirt the powder directly as this can destabilise the product and ruin its effectiveness. After introducing the water, you may gently roll the vial in between your fingers to encourage its contents to mix and dissolve.

Once the powder has integrated with the water fully – it is ready for administration.

Combining Several Peptides Into A Single Dose

This procedure is absolutely possible, but will require some strategic planning in regards to getting the dosage / water mix correct.

You need to remember that for every mg of powder you include in the mix, you’ll need 0.5ml of water. For instance, 2mg of powder that consisted of 1mg each of two separate peptide varieties would still only require 1ml of water.

Provided you keep these guidelines in mind, combining peptides isn’t an issue.
Please also take care when administering not to surpass your saturation dose based on your bodyweight in kg.

Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous injections simply involve injecting directly into the fat tissue underneath the surface of the skin.

There are several relevant sites to perform this procedure including the stomach, thighs and glutes. To acquire directions and advice in regards to safely following this administration procedure simply adhere to these guidelines.

Intramuscular Injections

Intramuscular injections involve directly injecting into the user’s chosen target muscle site.

For safe guidelines relating to the intramuscular injection process please observe the directions found on this page.

Oral Peptides

For many years now, certain pharmaceutical companies have been offering oral peptides claiming that they are a safer alternative to injecting growth hormone and are just as effective.

These varieties tend to contain natural ingredients that are intended to “mimic” growth hormone, but it should be noted that there is to be no confusion between these “mimicking” agents and real human growth hormone / secretagogues.

One is merely a copycat product with unproven and largely unquantifiable benefits, whereas the other is directly sourced from and replicates human growth hormone.

Transdermal Peptides

There is not enough conclusive evidence on transdermal growth hormone delivery to ascertain whether or not it is effective, however; all anti aging products that contain peptides feature the transdermal delivery process.

As such, we can accurately state that transdermal delivery is in some capacity beneficial at least when it comes to those peptides that are relevant for the formation of collagen.

Integrating human growth hormone in this fashion may also be possible, though more research must be conducted to determine its effectiveness.

When Does A Peptide Cycle Really End?

Growth hormone and secretagogues differ from anabolic steroids in that many of them can actually be used almost endlessly.

Some however lead to an “acclimatisation” process-taking place whereas the user will eventually adapt to the presence of the hormone / peptide and it will cease to have effect.

In the instances where “non-stop” use is possible, the best time to stop would simply be when the adverse symptoms one was experiencing or the goal one wanted to acquire had been respectively shaken off or achieved.

In regards to the latter principle; please ensure that you read through the detailed breakdown of your chosen products “traits” on its separate profile page in order to ascertain how long you should implement it for.

All peptides and hormone variants are different from one another, therefore it will be necessary to perform individual research using their respective profile page before commencing with your cycle.


Safe Storage And Handling Of Peptides

Storing your peptides properly is going to be the key to their successful utilisation; we have created this section to ensure that you get optimal benefit from your products and avoid destabilising them.

Redissolving Peptides

In order to understand how to redissolve peptides, simply read through the peptide preparation process in the previous section where you’ll find an in depth explanation.

Choice Of Container

Peptides should be stored in a dessicator, within individual tightly capped vials at the relevant temperature outlined in this section (upcoming.)

Dissolving Single Peptides / Dissolving Several Peptides

It does not matter how many peptides you choose to include in each vial (you may be creating goal specific mixes for instance) – what matters is that you follow the relevant saturation principles in regards to ml per mg of powder and conjunctively make sure that you dose in accordance with your body weight.

Chemical Changes In Peptides

Should peptides not be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water or kept in unsterile / open vials they will be susceptible to oxidation and several other potential modifications depending on whether or not they encounter bacteria / other external sources or are stored at the wrong temperature.

Any one or several of these modifications could completely nullify the effects of the peptide – this necessitates the usage of sterile equipment from the beginning to the end of the reconstitution / administration process and safe storage throughout.

Storage Of Dry Peptides

Dry peptides should be stored at -20 degrees and away from direct sunlight. They can be kept for years under these conditions.

Storage Of Peptide Solutions

Peptide solutions should be stored in the fridge at -20 degrees where they can be kept for several months under these conditions. Under no circumstances should they be removed until the time of administration as this could destabilise them.


Where To Buy Peptides

Buying peptides relies on you observing a series of stringent guidelines when purchasing online to guarantee optimum safety and product efficiency.

These guidelines are:

  • The manufacturer should have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accreditation
  • The manufacturer should only supply fully traceable products
  • The manufacturer should batch test all of their products for purity
  • The manufacturer should have a wealth of positive user reviews to stand as testament to their high quality products

These standards will typically be enough to ensure that your product is real.

How Can I tell If My Product Is Real Or Fake When It Arrives?

Unless you have an existing vial of a legitimate product that you can compare a similarly labelled product to – it’s going to be difficult to tell whether or not your item is real.

The only truly legitimate means of doing this is going to be with a home or lab based test using either a kit or lab resources. This will yield the concentration of your product and determine whether or not it is real.

Home testing kits are easily available online and may prove to be a cost effective purchase; they can save you hundreds by helping you to avoid counterfeit products in the future.

We recommend also to check the product serial number on the manufacturer website if it is possible.

Reputable Manufacturers Of GH And Secretagogues

Some of the most reputable manufacturers of both GH and secretagogues include but are not limited to:

  • Mactropin
  • Alpha Pharma
  • Cambridge Research
  • Intavis
  • Peptides Warehouse
  • PeptideSciences
  • Directbiotech
  • USA Peptides
  • American Science Labs

They all adhere to the previously outlined safety benchmarks.

Some known peptide scammers / fake sites are:

  • The Sport Energy
  • Dranabolics
  • Buysteroidshere.com
  • Buysteroidsonline.dentalcareusa.com

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but they have been reported as being fake.

“Steroidshop” and “onlinesteroidstore” have also been known to produce suboptimal peptide batches.

On the whole, provided you adhere to the previous safety guidelines and utilise the above list of safe manufacturers whilst administering your product effectively – you should have a positive experience with your peptides.

If you want to submit a new site or brand for reputable manufacturers / or scamer, please leave a comment below!


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